Data Management

Data Continuity

Until recently, disaster recovery plans focused on restoring the entire infrastructure. That’s not necessarily a sustainable, long-term approach for ensuring ongoing organizational results. While full recovery remains important, focusing solely on the infrastructure falls short. At All Advance, we concentrate on all three critical elements of data continuity to ensure data protection is efficient

Disaster Recovery

All Advance can provide a facility of recovering data from all storage devices in case of a disaster. We can offer a data recovery service for Hard Drives, RAID, Laptops and all types of secondary devices. Our first and foremost goal is to deliver to customers the most effective and secure data recovery service to bring their home or business back on track to success.

Data Backup

Do you realize that your business data which resides on your computer and server infrastructure is your most valuable asset. The majority of major companies, move their data to tape for storage.

Did you know that 70% of businesses around today that suffer a major data loss are out of business within 18 months?

Offsite storage and Replication

The traditional approach to offsite data protection is tape backup, but tape backup procedures can be complex, costly and could be error-prone. Many organizations choose to replicate their data in real-time to a secondary location to reduce the window for data loss beyond daily backups.