Offsite Storage and Replication

Offsite storage and Replication

The traditional approach to offsite data protection is tape backup, but tape backup procedures can be complex, costly and could be error-prone. Many organizations choose to replicate their data in real-time to a secondary location to reduce the window for data loss beyond daily backups.

Regardless of whether you opt to backup or replicate data offsite, All Advance Ltd enables your IT organization to securely expand storage capacity into the cloud without limits and to escape the maintenance costs and data center overhead associated with traditional offsite data storage and backups.

All Advance can seamlessly integrate existing primary and backup applications to an existing DataCentre. It offers enterprise-class cloud storage with features such as dynamic caching, in-flight/at-rest data encryption, data reduction, bandwidth optimization, in-cloud snapshots and high availability. The ability to access restored data from anywhere makes it possible for IT organizations to build a data protection infrastructure that is more economical and vastly easier to manage.