Data Continuity

Data Continuity

Until recently, disaster recovery plans focused on restoring the entire infrastructure. That’s not necessarily a sustainable, long-term approach for ensuring ongoing organizational results. While full recovery remains important, focusing solely on the infrastructure falls short. At All Advance, we concentrate on all three critical elements of data continuity to ensure data protection is efficient

  • Processes – What are the key business processes?
  • Applications – Which applications support these processes?
  • Infrastructure – What infrastructure is needed to ensure continuity?

A thorough tools-assisted analysis and understanding of business processes as they relate to applications is a crucial first step. We work closely with you to identify all linkages and dependencies, and then develop a corresponding recovery sequence plan. This holistic approach is foundational to ensuring continuous operations, competitive advantage, and risk mitigation.

Our approach to business continuity:

    • Situation analysis and requirements definition
    • Statement of work (outline of the project, expectations, roles and responsibilities, and deliverables)
    • Qualitative and quantitative information gathering (processes, applications, infrastructure, and resources)
    • Data review and analysis
    • Development of findings, recommendations, and deliverables
    • IT-focused data continuity briefing with business and IT stakeholders

The benefits of our business continuity services:

      • Mitigate risk at multiple levels (business, individual, and staff) by ensuring continual data access for priority business functions (production, transaction processing, etc.)
      • Minimize downtime and losses.
      • Improve business continuity capabilities and performance.
      • Minimize associated costs following an incident.
      • Ensure regulatory compliance.
      • Build a foundation for IT-related decision-making and investments.
      • Align business processes and information systems.

When your business relies on technology for its operations, you need a data continuity plan you can count on to deliver results in critical moments. With more than 20 years of data protection expertise, we make sure your data continuity plan provides the data availability you need to run your business.